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Why do people prefer evolving a Furret when Krabby also does not require any HMs to catch and can learn the exact same HMs without evolving?

Where has it been said Furret is more popular?
Maybe cuz its cuter?

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Sentret can be obtained extremely early, and it doesn't take very many levels for it to evolve. You have to wait longer to catch a Krabby, meaning you would have to use a different Pokemon before you got it, and you would probably have a Furret already before you got a Krabby. Furret is also able to be of some use in a battle, while Krabby wouldn't perform too well.

Also, the Furret meme is a thing. People may use Furret for the "haha funny joke" aspect it brings to the team, which Krabby doesn't have. Furret is also cuter, which can be a factor in a younger player's decision.

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You only have to wait a little bit (one gym battle) longer to catch Krabby, and I already said that it does not require any HMs to catch.
Sentret is still able to be caught earlier, on the very first Route as opposed to Krabby needing a Fishing Rod, which takes longer to get. My other points also still stand.