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Okay- sexism aside honestly,

I've been curious about this one since I was 17 years old.

For Mandibuzz and Vullaby- I forgot the reason why, it's something with vultures.

For Salandit and Salazzle, - I think it had something to do with- well, either way, why is it that these certain Pokemons are consider only female - again, sexism aside, just curiosity

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Salazzle is a female-only evolution because of what it's based on.

> Salazzle appears to be based on a salamander—both the poisonous real kind and the fire-associated mythical kind—and lizards of the Teiidae family, also known as "whiptails". Certain whiptail species have a mostly female population, **some species even being female exclusive, one of which is the New Mexico whiptail.** It may also be partially based on fire belly newts.


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It’s “considered” all female because it IS all female. Every Mandibuzz (or vullaby) that you encounter will be female. Mandibuzz is all female because it’s based on a mother bird. Vullaby is a baby bird. Vullaby is all female because you can’t very well have Pokémon changing gender on evolution, can you? (Stares intensely at marill) Also, as Braviary is all male, Mandibuzz may also partially be all female as a good counterpart. Salandit ISNT all female. In fact, 87.5% of the time, it’ll be male! Only female Salandit can evolve into salazzle, which makes sense, because the Pokémon is designed in a very feminine way (though that sometimes doesn’t matter. Looking at you, Primarina), and based on Pokédex entries, and based on my guess, only female Salandit have the required pheromones to evolve. Also, gamefreak logic. Hope I helped!

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Because it is a counterpart to Braviary
Braviary is a male-only Pokémon and is a counterpart to Mandibuzz, so Game Freak probably decided to make it completely female just because it was Braviary’s counterpart. This is the same reason Mandibuzz gives SpA EVs, because Braviary gives Atk EVs.


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I couldn't find anything on why specifically Mandibuzz are female, and I thought both KitkåtKK2™'s and PrimalKyogre's theories made sense. Also in Mandibuzz's Sun entry, it mentions that they are all female, and they wear bones to attract males.

On the other hand, (while it still doesn't make complete sense) I did have a theory on Salazzle. Female lizards tend to be larger than male individuals, which could be a possible reason why only female Salandit evolve, to define the fact, that yes, they are female and in control. But lizards don't usually live in groups, unlike what its Pokedex entries suggest.
But, I did find a really interesting theory on Youtube discussing maybe why only females evolve, here.

This stuff is really confusing though, so you can go ahead and blame it on Game Freak logic. I won't judge.