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Asking because in SwSh, whenever I encounter the Daily Eevees at the Lake of Outrage and the Crown Tundra DLC, it seems like those ones specifically have a 50/50 gender odd. If I reset 10 times, I'll probably get 5 females and 5 males on average. Do those particular Eeveelution spawns have a higher female gender rate?

Asking this because yeah, there's nothing specifically stating one way or another. If someone wants to find a Lake of Outrage eeveelution and soft reset 100 times, and count how many of those 100 were male vs female, be my guest lol. I'd highly appreciate that.

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I can't seem to find something that says anything about the Eeveelutions gender rate changing, but the odds for a female Eeveelution is 12.5%. I'd find the probability of getting a female for 10 soft resets, but I'm not sure the way I do it will be correct.
hey, if you want to do a bunch of reset and give your average and get the average odds per resets, I count that as science. It may not be exact, but if you did like 100 resets on the lake of outrage eeveelutions and got like 40/60, thats still higher odds than normal by a ton
Idk I still say you're lucky. (Go for lottery you'll win(joke))
No actually you're right.https://youtu.be/9SlmUtNQ1bc
Here 2 eeveelutions shown are female.
Something is wrong, but I don't know what
Dang it, I thought Serebii had gender ratios

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