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Let's say using Sleep Talk brings in a damaging move targeted at a Pokemon that has Pressure as its ability. Then, will Sleep Talk have a extra PP usage or the move that comes from Sleep Talk against the Pressure Pokemon?


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No move would have an extra PP usage.

I checked this through a replay; no move looses an extra PP. This is because, you are using Sleep Talk as a move, which is used at Giratina with Pressure (bear in mind that Sleep talk is not directed at a Pokémon, you are using the move, and it would choose another random move from your moves except Sleep Talk if you are asleep).
You are using Sleep Talk as a direct move, which is choosing Scald as an indirect move, which would mean that no move looses double PP, as Scald came through a Sleep Talk, indirectly.
This can also be seen in the replay, Sleep Talk looses 1 PP, whereas Scald looses none, as it's used through Sleep Talk

Source: Experience + replay

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Does this apply to other moves that call other moves, like metronome, nature power, and me first? Bulbapedia says pressure makes snatch lose more PP.
Pardon me if I read the question wrong, but the asker asked only for Sleep Talk + Any attacking move.
About those I ain't sure.