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A confused pokemon hit itself in confusion?

That a pokemon can't attack due to attract, cute charm etc?

that a pokemon is Paralyzed and can't move?

That a frozen pokemon stays frozen?

That a pokemon stays asleep another round?

And if you know something similar please comment, thanks :)

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Confusion-50% chance.

infatuation-also 50%.

Paralysis- 25% for being fully paralyzed. (If you mean paraflinching, let me know, and I'll change it)

Freeze-frozen Pokémon has a 20% chance of being thawed out every turn.

Sleep-Sleep lasts for a randomly chosen duration of 1 to X turn (max number varies by game). This one is set as you sleep, not done turn to turn like Freeze.

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And i mean like, if my Mismagius is paralyzed and can't move, whats the chanses of that, yeah.... it's probably called paraflinching.
Parahax is just when people continously paralyze your pokemon.

Paraflinch is paralyzing them, and following up with moves like Iron head that cause flinching; very popular (and annoying) with Jirachi. Confusion might be thrown in to add insult to injury. It only works well with Serene grace though.
so the chance that a paralyzed pokemon "is paralyzed, it can't move!" is 25%?
Yep. That was what made Karen from the Johto E4 dangerous. She would stack this stuff on you all at once, making you attacking nearly impossible. Thank god you could switch.
Yeah! i remember having a lot of trouble beating her becuase my ghosts are weak to dark
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  • A confused Pokemon will hit itself 50% of the time.
  • A Pokemon that is infatuated will be immobilized by love 50% of the time.
  • A Pokemon that has Paralysis will be unable to attack and paralyzed is 25% of the time.
  • A Pokemon that is Frozen will have a 20% chance to be thawed out by itself every turn.
  • A Pokemon that is Sleeping will be asleep for a random amount of turns from one to five turns.
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it's ok, that happens a lot