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So, this is casual, and while you think, the Pokémon doesn’t matter in casual, there are some details. While this is casual, I don’t want a weak Pokémon. I want a Pokémon that packs some power, even if it isn’t used Competitively, an example is Roserade. I have been debating with myself, but I can’t settle on a Pokémon. So, here is my team, and what team member should be best for it?

Poképaste Link - This is for the items, moves, etc.






If possible, please no type overlaps, and I don’t really care, but it wouldn’t hurt to have it be a Galar Pokémon. Remember, I am not playing competitively, so please no comments like, Salazzle isn’t good, your are better off using Cinderace because of tiers and whatnot. So, any help?


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I think Hatterene. Your current STABs leave Normal, Fighting, Poison, Electric, and Dark uncovered super effectively, and neither Psychic nor Fairy overlap types with any team members. Hatterene's Psychic and Fairy typing hits Fighting, Dragon, and Dark, leaving just Normal and Electric, which coverage can get easily. I would actually recommend Gardevoir, as it's faster, but you said you wanted a Galar Pokemon.

Hatterene @ Life Orb
Ability: any
- Psychic
- Dazzling Gleam
- Shadow Ball
- Giga Drain / really anything else

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! However, I do like Gardevoir more then Hatterene, and sense Gardevoir is better, then I will role with that. Thanks!
Happy to help! Gardevoir's set should be roughly the same, the two are very similar.
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I would say you should get a Corviknight. It packs QUITE the punch, I have one on my casual team, and it is a GREAT addition to it. Thats only my suggestion.

Corviknight's Attack stat is base 87, compared to Hatterene's base 136 Special Attack, which means Hatterene does more with something like Psychic / Dazzling Gleam than Corviknight with Brave Bird / Iron Head
Thanks! However, X’s answer gives me a more in depth reason to go with Hatterene, and unless you give a more in-depth reason for Corviknight, then I won’t use it.