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im using espeon so umbreon is out of the question


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Weavile is a good option. It has amazing Speed and Attack and has a nice typing which is Dark-Ice. Another option is Absol, with its Super Luck ability and Night Slash, you might get a critical Hit almost every time, but it lacks Speed. My last option is Drapion. It has an amazing typing, with Is Dark- Poison and it has a bunch of moves that can strengthen your team further, which is great :D

well where can i can i get an absol its has to be before the pokemon league
MT. Coronet.
Weavile's Dark-Ice type also works against it. Almost any fighting type move will kill it.
Houndoom is another option if you want a special dark type user.  He can utilize physical moves also, and he's also one of the few fire types you can get in Pt.