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I picked Turtwig, and I usually in my playthroughs, follow the pattern of having a good Fire Type, Water Type and Grass type, the Fire type to cover the Water Type, the Grass Type to cover the Fire type and so on, and then leave the other three slots up to preference. If possible, don't say a starter, but if the only really good Pokemon of that type is the starter, and you have evidence to back that up, I'll except it. This is because I don't like having to have to go back through the starting point over and over. Thanks!

just look through this thread
But I'd like a specific answer, because I already went through the Platinum in game team thread
Is there any better option than Floatzel for a Water Type, or a different option than Rapidash for a fire type in Platinum, not including the starter
That's what I mostly found when they had a Water type other than Empoleon or a Fire type other than infernape, so are those really the only/best options?
Maybe Floatzel and Magmortar? (if you can trade, if not i think rapidash would be best

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There are four non-starter fully evolved Fire types (Flareon, Rapidash, Houndoom, Magmortar), two of which are not good/not easily accessible (Flareon, Magmortar).

Rapidash is pretty good. You get Ponyta at a decent point in the game, and Rapidash is very fast and has a solid Attack stat. It is frail, however, and it takes a while to level up. The only physical Fire move it gets until Level 56 is Flame Wheel.

Houndoom is pretty well-rounded offensively, with 90 Attack, 110 Special Attack, and 95 Speed. Houndour evolves fairly early, and it's a nice asset for any team. It is quite frail, however, so be warned.


There are fifteen non-starter, non-legendary fully evolved Water types (Bibarel, Gyarados, Golduck, Floatzel, Gastrodon, Seaking, Whiscash, Quagsire, Pelipper, Azumarill, Octillery, Lumineon, Tentacruel, Milotic, and Mantine). Of these, Bibarel, Gyarados, Floatzel, and Gastrodon are the best possible choices.

A very nice HM Slave, with access to Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock smash, Waterfall, and Rock Climb. It's easily available, though it is weak, and not good in battle.

A staple of many teams throughout the regions, and Sinnoh is no exception. It's a beast, with 125 Attack and a workable Speed stat. You'll have to suffer with Magikarp for a bit, but it's well worth it.

Debatably better than Gyarados, with fewer weaknesses and a better first stage. It's faster, has a very solid Attack stat, and learns a variety of good moves. It's frail, but that hardly matters when it OHKOs everything.

Gastrodon is the best defensive Water type in the game. It's only contested with Quagsire, but you get Quagsire at a later point in the game. Gastrodon is bulky and a decent attacker, but it doesn't have the best of movepools. It's also pitifully slow.

For in-game purposes, the best Fire type is probably Rapidash, due to ease of access and damage output. The best Water type is probably Floatzel, due to it having fewer weaknesses than Gyarados, and it being almost as powerful offensively. Gyarados, Bibarel, and Gastrodon are all very good as well, however.

Hope I helped!

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Why you didn't mention Flareon?
Thanks Giga Blade X, just wanted to know if Rapidash and Floatzel were the only good options, I was aware of the Platinum best team thread and wanted a wider view at all the Fire and Water types. Thanks again.
@Blaziken Flareon is very weak compared to the other two. It's slow, frail, and everything it does, Rapidash does better.
@Talonflame happy to help.
It has a base Attack of 130 and 110 Sp. Def, it is a good Fire type.
Have you seen its movepool?
But, like said earlier in the answer, it's difficult to get, you have to get an Evee, which I'm pretty sure is late game in Platinum, and a Fire stone, and I don't know where that is
You can get an Eevee after getting 2 badges and a fire stone after getting 3 badges. But you can get a water stone and thunder stone at the same time, and both Vaporeon and Jolteon are better than Flareon. Flareon's special attack is lower, and its strongest physical attack gets no STAB.
Also I think Gastrodon is significantly worse than all other Pokemon in this answer. It evolves very late, and every stat except HP is relatively low. Golduck and Vaporeon are both better than Gastrodon.