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ok so ive been sitting here for like 12 hours waiting for a shiny oddish and i'm starting to think it's likely I missed one. Would having it's shiny form spawn in the overworld count as it being seen even if I didn't engage in battle with it? would be cool to know if I failed it or if I have bad lets go shiny luck LOL


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For a Pokemon to be registered into your Pokedex, you must encounter it first. As far as my knowledge goes, if you see a shiny in the overworld, it will not be registered in your Dex unless you encounter it.

Unless you were recording, I don't think that there is a way to tell, just keep going!

Hope I helped, good luck getting the Golden Raddish!

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I was Shiny Hunting in LGP with a friend, and we found a shiny Magikarp. He checked his dex before encountering to see if it was a duplicate or not, and shiny Magikarp wasn't there. Again, hope I helped! :]

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