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I nicknamed my Regice Glacier, had it hold an Icy Rock, and went to the island cave with all three Regis in my party, but Regigigas wasn't there. I figured it had to do with the little girl in Paficidlog Town, and she keeps saying the same thing: "'Six dots open three doors.' Grandpa used to say that and I was always wondering what he meant. I had no idea it was some secret to meet special Pokemon. He told me another story too. I wonder if this has some hidden meaning, too... Grandpa used to say that this huge Pokémon sometimes visits our region. But you'll need to have something cold to meet it... I wonder what he meant. Ice cream, maybe?" She's said this exact thing like three times. Does she eventually say more about it, or do I have to do something else to trigger it?

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Where does it say that, I already read that and it didn't say the exact words.
Maybe Icy Rock doesn't count as a cold item.
No good, I switched to a Casteliacone, and it still didn't work

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Regigigas is next and the conditions are a little weird. Regigigas will only appear 24 hours after catching the last of the three Regis. Go to Pacifidlog Town and enter the house in the upper right corner. A girl will tell you a story about Regigigas. Take all three Regis with you and make sure that Regice has a nickname and is holding an ice related item. The easiest one to find is the Never-Melt Ice at the bottom of Shoal Cave or you can also have items like Casteliacone, Icy Rock or Snowball. Regigigas is in the same chamber as Regice was but will only appear during the day. Save before you enter the middle of the room.

You need to wait a little bit longer, probably :) Also note that changing the DS time or switching DS consoles will halt time based events for 48ish hours.

Hope this helps!


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Okay, yeah, I caught Registeel this morning, thanks so much!
Np! happy to help :3