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Current team:

  • Typhlosion

  • Quagsire

  • Crobat

  • Miltank

  • Eevee (Will be evolved to an Espeon)

please do give me a suggestion, thank you!


2 Answers

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You have some great options.
You can go with Ho-oh itself, Ampharos, heracross or Lapras.
Let's go over all of them.
Ho-oh: it's the box art legendary. Having great stats, it can help a lot against will's jynx and few other elite four members.
Do note it's almost useless against champion lance as all his Pokémon don't mind fire much. You can fish and get burn to cripple his Pokémon though.
[email protected] charcoal or nothing
-sacred fire
- sunny day
- brave bird (if you have heart scale, do get it.)
-pretty much anything like extrasensory or filler

Ampharos: it's really good and found after 1st gym. It helps against most trainers in the region and also helps catching ho-oh ( with thunder wave)
[email protected] magnet or nothing
-thunder wave
-Discharge or thunder (depends what you like, more power or better accuracy and para chance)
- Signal beam
-filler, some hm like strength probably

Heracross: pretty much pain in the neck to get. Best place is the town with 2nd gym. See youtube for less pain. But it's completely worth it. It's really good in this game. Helps against dumb milktank of Whitney, jasmine, pyrce and dark type elite four.
[email protected] anything useful
-aerial ace
-brick break until close combat (better to have both in elite four battles)
-night slash
-mega horn (you can keep close combat here in elite four time)

Lapras: mainly for 3 dragonites of lance. They are pain to play against and it's very satisfying to one shot them with ice beam LOL
[email protected] mystic water or never melt ice
-ice beam
- confuse ray
-filler, something like whirlpool or body slam
You can choose any.
Hope I helped!

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If you surf on Route 43, use a repel, and your first Pokemon's level is between 26 and 50 (inclusive), then you will encounter a Magikarp at exactly level 50. Catch this Magikarp with a friend ball and use a rare candy, and its return will instantly have 80 base power. The fact that it can be caught before the fifth gym and is level 50 makes it almost certainly the best Pokemon in the game.

Gyarados @ silk scarf/mystic water
- surf -> waterfall
- return
- dragon dance
- ice fang (use flail if you're too lazy to find 2 heart scales)