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What is the highest damage that a pokemon can deal to its opponent?

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Well, I mean like 1000HP or so, or is it even possible to tell?

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2 Answers

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714 dmg (max HP that Blissey can have)

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Well, technically, more can be done if using a multi-hit move while the foe has a Sitrus Berry.
Good point
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213,896,052 is the most amount of damage even though nothing could survive it. I think this is what he wanted.


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That is the reason shuckle is the most powerful physical sweeper if used correctly.
He'll be fine except for, you know, priority moves. But it's not like those are common, right?
Shuckle doesn't have good speed so it is kind of like all moves are priority against him & with the defence he has with power trick, not going to last very long with a pokemon at his level. To get that much damage, you need a yanma lv 1 with minimum defence & the strongest move shuckle can learn & a critical hit + many more other factors so that isn't going to happen every day.