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I mean, I assume the Japaneese versions of the games aren't titled in english. Why does Japan have Green(instead of Blue), if the legendary birds are the mascot Pokemon(at least I think they are), and Articuno is clearly blue. Why is it called Green in the Japanese games, aka Red, Green, Yellow.(Please forgive me if this is wrong, I just assumed because of LG, and other things.)

If articuno is the mascot legendary of Pokémon Green then I might have a solution. Basically once I read that the Japanese word for the color green and the word for blue are the same. This is the same reason the traffic lights in Japan are blue instead of green.
That’s what the video I linked was talking about
Sorry, I'm not very good with Gen I knowledge.
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Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are not the mascot legendaries of the games. In fact, there are no mascot legendaries. The only mascots are Charizard (red) Venusaur (green), Blastoise (blue), and Pikachu (yellow).

Also, a bit of trivia for you: Pokémon Blue existed in Japan before it was released internationally. It was an enhanced version of the two games, with nothing new but different sprites and slightly different encounters.

The three legendary birds are based on seasons, with Articuno being winter, Moltres being spring, and Zapdos being summer. During autumn, these birds rest:

Moltres brings warmth in the coming of Spring
Zapdos brings the Summer storms, powerful and strong
Articuno rises with the harsh cold and a howling blizzard
In Autumn these three rest.
Zapdos ceases his storms as he finds his nest.
It then grows steadily colder as Articuno begins to wake.
This transition is called Fall, as the weather becomes colder and the
trees begin to drop their leaves.
Articuno’s awakening can be told by the first snowfall.

Sauce (thank you again, Assault!)

Edit: I also feel kinda obligated to mention that the Japanese word for blue can also mean green, however I don’t think this has anything to do with this.

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As mentioned, I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to Gen I, I only ever played to the first or second gym.
That poem was completely fan-made. There's no real evidence that the 3 birds are based on seasons, or that they rest during fall.
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