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Like UU, Wifi, and the new RU, and can you explain the point of each one?

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NFE: Not fully evolved, so yeah Pokemon that haven't evolved and are thus unfit for competitive. There are exceptions especially with evolite. Examples of NFE are Gastly, Grotle and Riolu. Examples of exceptions are Scyther and Porygon 2.

NU: Never used, Pokemon that are too weak for competitive battling due to stats comparable to NFE Pokemon. Examples are Delcatty and Butterfree.

UU: Under used. It contains many strong Pokemon that have some fatal flaw that takes them away from OU and BL. Typing, movepool, and stats are usually the flaw. Examples are Torterra (4x ice type weakness), and Ambipom (I think it is stats, he seems decent to me)

BL: Borderline, Pokemon too strong for UU but still not OU. Examples are Medicham (thanks to Pure Power)

OU: Over used, the supposed best of the non-uber best. These even include a bunch of legendaries. This is the Tier right before Ubers. These are Pokemon with high stats great movepools and great typing.

Ubers: Ubers(duh), The toughest of the tough these guys are banned from regular play. Most of them are big time base 600-680 base stat legends. It also has non-legends. Examples are Dialgia, Lugia, Darkrai, Wobbuffet, and Kyogre.

RU: Rarely used, A new tier for Pokemon that are not used frequently. Some are also in other tiers. These for the most part are decent Pokemon. Examples Torterra, Umbreon, and Cresselia.

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Anything Goes: Anything is allowed as long as it's possible without glitches or cheating, except starting endless battles. In gen 8, it also allows all Pokemon, moves, and items from gen 7.

Ubers: All Pokemon species are still allowed, but there are some additional rules like species clause and mega Rayquaza clause. Uber can also drive you places if you pay them.

OverUsed: Pokemon can be banned by Smogon's tiering policy. Box art legendaries are usually banned.

UnderUsed, RarelyUsed, NeverUsed, PU, and ZeroUsed: Pokemon are allowed in these tiers only if they get less than 34.5% usage (50% chance to encounter them at least once in 15 battles) in the above tier's Showdown! ladder. Additionally, some Pokemon can be banned by the tiering policy even if they're below the usage cutoff. Note that RU, PU, ZU, and their respective BL's don't exist in doubles.

UUBL, RUBL, NUBL, PUBL, and ZUBL: These Pokemon don't get 4.5% usage in the above tier but are banned in the below tier.

Untiered: It's not really a tier; it's just the Pokemon that are considered "bad" in PU. Because it's based on PU, it often overlaps with ZU.

Also NFE and LC aren't real tiers. NFE and LC Pokemon can be in another tier.

source: lurking on Smogon

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