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As far as I know, the only team that is officially disbanded is Team Skull, and the Aether Foundation becomes good again. Whereas other villains realize they were wrong specifically about their legendary scheme and don't actually stop/disband the team. Are there others that do this and I just forgot/haven't played the game?

I believe rocket and magma/aqua did. Don't quote me though.
Aqua Magma kind of did, like said above, they realized they where wrong about Groudon/Kyogre scheme, but still cause trouble in the post game.

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Yes, there are teams so saw the error of their ways. So teams/team leaders being

  • Giovanni of Team Rocket, after the player beat him for the final time in his gym. He disbanded Team Rocket after that, but in the universe he didn’t lose, he turned Team Rocket into Team Rainbow Rocket, went to Alola, and recruited other evil Team Leaders. His Admins, mainly Archer, still sought out to carry Team Rocket’s goal, and remade Team Rocket in G/S/C.
  • This is from experience, but after you beat Rayquazza in Pokémon Emerald, talking to Archie/Maxie will lead them to say something along the lines of “Maybe the world is meant to be as it is, without us trying to interfere.
  • N/Coleress of team Plasma saw that what they were doing was not good, and both left Team Plasma, as did half of it’s grunts. The other half still served Ghetsis.
  • And Team Yell, while not actually an evil team, did see around the time that you beat Piers that disrespecting other Gym Challengers was wrong, and end up helping you bring down Macro Cosmos. Speaking of...
  • The leader of Macro Cosmos, Rose, after releasing Eternatus, battles you. After you beat him, he comments “How magnificent that battle was” and later, he turns himself in. You never see him after that, but we have evidence that he saw the error of his ways.
  • And finally, in a little Post-Game story, Swordward and Shielbert, claimed descendants of the ancient Galar King, anger Zamazenta/Zacian, depending on the version. After Zacian/Zamazenta attack Swordward/Shielbert (again, depending on version), they see that what they did was not “Celebrity Behavior” and apologize, even still while most of the characters that associated with them are still skeptical of them. Heck, they even join in the Galarian Stars tournament.

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