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By super moves, I mean Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon. Thanks, and sorry if that's not what they're called.

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FRLG: an elderly woman on Cape Brink.
DPPt: an elderly man on Route 228.
HGSS: an elderly man in the Move Deleter/Move Reminder's house in Blackthorn City.
BW: a Roughneck in a house on Route 13.
B2W2: a man outside the Pokémon World Tournament building.
XY: a man in the southwestern house in Snowbelle City.
ORAS: a man in the southeast of Mauville City's first floor.
SMUSUM: a man on the second level of Hau'oli City's mall.
SwSh: a man in a park in Wyndon.
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