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I was playing Platinum, and beat Roark, and was gonna make my way to Eterna City through the cave, but it seems like the only way to get all the way through is either through Surf or with a Bike, both of which you don't have at this point in the story. I was wondering if you have to go all the way around, back to Jubilife and going around the opposite direction. Is that the case, or am I missing something?

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Please make your question titles more clear.
Okay, sorry, I realize that now.
I'm pretty sure you go through the cave north of Jubilife. Do you have Rock Smash? If so there might be some smashable rocks. Use Rock Smash and you should be able to progress.

Note: I am not completely sure because I'm going off of my Diamond experience. I didn't play Platinum.
I am now currently at the Windmill plant that's being taken over by galactic, but I'd still like to know if I have to make a huge detour back around back to the cave in Oreburg.

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You need to go through Jubilife City before you get the bike. After you get the bike, you can go north through routes 207 and 206. Oreburgh Gate has only 2 exits, so you can't go north through that cave anytime in the game.

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Thanks, now I understand, so I get the bike, and that allows me to travel farther, but it's not needed to get to Eterna City. Thanks so much!
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You must need Rock Smash to progress in the game.
The another exit after the rocks leads to the another side of the route.

You don't need Surf nor a Bike.

Source: Many Sinnoh playthroughs of mine.

This doesn't really answer the question... I asked if I have to make a big detour back and forth to get to Eterna City, though this is useful, it's not very specific ("leads to the another side of the route.") and doesn't really answer my question, if you can fix it, I'll BA.