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Question says it all.

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Three words: Struggle and toxic
Why is this downvoted?
Because I think it's a bad question. The amount of work you'd have to put in to answer it properly would be quite large for information that, as far as I'm concerned, has no practical applications.
Technically almost none of the information on this website have practical applications.

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Gen 1: tie between toxic, rage, mimic, double team, bide, rest, substitute
Gen 2: hidden power
Gen 3: hidden power
Gen 4: hidden power
Gen 5: hidden power
Gen 6: hidden power
Gen 7: tie between hidden power and protect
Gen 8: protect

(this answer assumes the most common move is always a TM move. this is very likely but not certainly true)

omg tie between Mimic and Rage! Now I understand why the Mimic and Rage glitches were popular...
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Struggle. And Toxic. All gens.
And Hidden Power gens 2-6.

Hidden Power isn't properly in SW/SH, so Toxic seems to be a likely candidate in gen 8 regardless, unless somebody can think of another move to challenge it.
There’s only about 100ish Galarian pokemon out of the 600 in Galar, and I’m sure some galarian mons learn toxic.
My numbers might be off but it seems like in gen 8, 684 learn Protect while 582 learn Toxic. But that's only considering those who can learn it in gen 8 specifically, so you can trade additional Pokemon who learn it in a previous gen (e.g., Ampharos). Since the question is "moves Pokemon get," I'm assuming that these additional Pokemon still count because there's nothing stopping you from legitimately owning an Ampharos with toxic in gen 8.
There are more rest users than toxic users in gen 8.