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So it recently came to my attention that Poliwrath can no longer learn Fissure, which paired well with its Mind Reader Move.

My question is if there exists any Pokemon that can learn either Lock On, or Mind Reader...and Fissure, Horn Drill, or Guillotine? Oh, and if there are new 100% accuracy, or instant kill moves I might not be aware of. I've been away from the franchise since Gen 2, so I'm learning a lot of new things coming back to it at Gen 8.


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Articuno is the only one that can outside of transfers, being able to learn Mind Reader (locking move) and Sheer Cold (OHKO move) as level-up moves.

Poliwrath is also capable of such a combo, (with Mind Reader and Fissure) But Fissure requires transferring from a Virtual Console version of generation 1 games.

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You can also get a mind reader fissure Politoed by transferring a Poliwhirl and then evolving it.
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Articuno gets Sheer Cold and Mind Reader by level up, Poliwrath, Politoed, and Poliwhirl can get Fissure and Mind Reader. For the Polis, it requires virtual console.
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Smeargle is not in Sword and Shield.
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