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In Gen 1, Magnemite and Magneton can be poisoned due to steel type not existing. In Gen 2 it is impossible for them to be poisoned because they gain the steel type, which is immune to poison. I also know that you can trade poisoned Pokemon from Gen 1 to 2 too. Basically my question is if you trade a poisoned Magnemite or Magneton that is poisoned in Gen 1 to Gen 2, would it still be poisoned?

On the bulbpedia page for poison, it states that Steel type Pokemon cannot be poisoned by poison type moves, but they can be poisoned by Twineedle, which makes me think that Magnemite would stay poisoned.
Aren't pokemon healed when they're transferred/traded?
Oh I didn't know that Twineedle could poison steel types. I think Twineedle can only poison steel types in Gen 2 though.
I'm pretty sure status conditions are cured while being traded.
I have traded statused pokemon from gen 1 to 2 and they weren't cured.

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Yes. Magnemite will still remain poisoned, as a GSC Magnemite can be poisoned using Twineedle.

Source: I asked this in Bulbapedia's Discord server and SadisticMystic answered it.

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In Gen 7 and 8, Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone can be poisoned by Salandit and Salazzle with the Corrosion ability.
This question is about transferring from Gen 1 to 2.
Yeah its for gen 2. Thanks Frozen!