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Im unsure of which to choose and I'm gonna say the locations and pros and cons of them

Goodra : Route 14
Pros :
One of the best pseudo legendary movepool
Pretty good defenses
Godlike special defense
Pretty nice abilitys
Cons :
Not pog in attacks and speed
Pure dragon type isn’t that good of a typing

Garchomp : Route 13
Can be obtainable right after Clemont and is going to be very useful because of his ground type
Pretty good physically
Decent bulk and speed
Cons :
Not good at Special in general
Ice : hello
Not a good mega to choose

If you can please suggest a moveset :)

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Garchomp, no contest lol
What do you want to use them for?  The Battle Maison, Online battles in-game team, etc.?
please give a actual argument
for a playthrough
I didn’t give an argument, so I didn’t answer….but high attack and speed is far more valuable in playthroughs
Dude, in game, Mega Garchomp is a terror. Speed doesn't really matter when you can simply out level your enemy. Since this is gen six, it's even better since the speed changes doesn't occur until the turn after mega evolution has been performed so upon mega evolving. Garchomp keeps its speed while having its mega's increased stats. Although this doesn't really matter since you can't get its mega stone until you beat the elite four

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Easily choose Garchomp for this. In addition to being available slightly earlier than Goodra, it has STAB moves super effective against all of the Elite 4 except for Seibold. However, it also gets Fire Fang for Wulfric. The main deciding point though is its superior offensive stats in Attack and Speed. With Brute force being the way to go in game, a +2 Earthquake will OHKO most everything, so that's why Garchomp is the way to go.

My recommended moveset:

Garchomp @ Anything
Sand Veil Ability
- Earthquake
- Swords Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Fang/Other Coverage Move

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I'd say, choose Goodra because of it's good defenses and attacks.
Goodra's high Sp. Def is capable to tank Diantha's Mega Gardevoir's Moonblast and finish her with Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave and gets good coverage moves like Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower and Sludge Bomb/Wave like I mentioned earlier.

Defense isn’t as valuable as attack is in-game.
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If it's a casual Pokemon playthrough, it really doesn't matter.
You could use any 6 fully evolved Pokemon and beat the champion, Use both if you like them so much.
On my shield playthrough I had 3 steel types on my main team Corviknight, Copperajah and Zamazenta.