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Current Team:

Tonkatsu (F) - Emboar (Starter)
Shortbread (M) - Haxorus (A Dragon bc why not)
Mao (F) - Excadrill (Was once to defeat Elesa)
Ruki (M) - Chandelure (Coverage against Shauntal and Caitlin)
Nepstrius (M) - Swanna (Surf, Fly)
Speedy (F) - Scolipede (Coverage against Grimsley, Iris' Hydreigon and possibly Caitlin if Ruki is not enough)

I feel like fitting a Vaporeon into my team before the E4. First of all though, is Vaporeon worth having at all in B2?


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Honestly, Vaporeon isn't worth it. It's more defensively oriented, and you should be going on the offense in-game. It would function well as an HM slave, but you already have one of those: Swanna, who's also a Water type.

Essentially, the only reason to use Vaporeon would be for HMs, possibly a bit of attacking. However, Swanna fills the HM role much better, with access to Fly. Additionally, the types Water can cover super effectively (Rock, Ground, Fire), are rather easy to eliminate anyways, with an Emboar and an Excadrill.

Hope I helped!

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Vaporeon has 110 base special attack, so it can be pretty offensive. It's better than Swanna in battle.
The OP's team really doesn't need a Water type attacker though. Rock and Fire can be handled by Excadrill and Emboar, and Swanna's Surf is strong enough to handle Ground types. Even if it wasn't, there's plenty of coverage options. There's just no reason too use Vaporeon when it doesn't cover anything other team members can't, and Swanna gets Fly.