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During team-building and in-ladder game.

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Try incorporating Dual-type Pokémon, like Volcanion on Fire Mono.
Pokémon with moves that beats the type which threatens them is also nice, like Raichu-A with Grass Knot.
The examples that I gave might be vague/incomplete, ergo a comment.
A lot of it has to also do with knowing the most common types and each type’s biggest threats and preparing counters and strategies to those.

For example, from Gen 7 monotype Steel types will have Heatran and nice Hazards/Hazard prevention, Excadrill, and sometimes even Trick Room, but if you eliminate Heatran and or Excadrill, it isn’t too difficult to cut through the rest of the team with just Rotom-Heat (and Failing to eliminate them gives Heatran and or Excadrill free setup opportunities or takes out Rotom-Heat)— therefore, Monosteel needs to keep Excadrill and Heatran in the lineup (albeit, they counter way more than just Rotom to be near necessities). There are a lot of “Neccesities” or top threats for each type, and Eliminating those successfully is crucial. :P

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Ok so ummm I'm probably late but I'm going to answer this as best as I can. I asked on Smogon a while back, and this is the answer I got from a National Dex Monotype player named AA (formerly Attitude Adjuster),

Most types have counters or ways to offensively counter Pokemon, for example having an Electric immunity is key like mega Swampert who is sadly slower than Raichu-Alola, but you can also run Barraskewda who 2hkos and outspeeds almost everything on electric but is sadly harder to fit on most teams, this replay is a great example of water beating electric: Replay of Water Mono beating an Electric Mono

In the replay, Decem, who had the mono water team, won against a mono electric team. Anticipating the moves the opposing Pokémon had was key to victory. Like what the previous comments said, having counters to the type you're at a disadvantage (i.e using Mega Swampert on Mono Water) also helps. Even if it's something like offensively countering Pokémon of the opposing like what the Smogon user AA said, it also can help you beat a type disadvantage. Pokemon with Dual types, like Assualt said, also helps with dealing with type disadvantages, as dual types Pokemon can provide a key immunity or immunity core (i.e the steel immunity core which uses Heatran, Aegislash, and a steel/flying type) for a type. Moves that can provide coverage and sometimes Abilities (like Flash Fire on Heatran) can also play a role in helping you beat a type disadvantage.

To sum this up, anticipating what moves opposing Pokémon have, having Pokemon that can provide immunities and/or resists, being able to counter Pokemon (even if it's offensively countering), moves that provide coverage and Abilities all play a role in being able to beat a type disadvantage. If I missed anything, let me know.

Hope this helps.

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cool ty.
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In this question combining the comments and slightly altering them gives us the answer. As Assault Ποσειδώνας said dual types help, specifically those who resist the weaknesses of their other teammates. As FlyinSquirl said no type overlaps usually help in many situations. Also as both of them said countering the types that resist your moves or deal super effective damage is highly recommended. I would like to add that certain types can use weather real nicely. Rain can favor water, grass, and steel types. Finally here is a team I made: https://pokepast.es/47f2391b6ba410a3 (I’m not the best at teams but I tried and you can give Volcarona a z crystal if you want.) Anybody can comment or even give another answer if they want to add anything to this.

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That team has a lot of issues. Weather Ball on MCY, and it isn't a good user of Defog. And can you add something more to the answer?
Sorry guys I’m not the best at teams and if you wish I can hide this answer.