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Hypnosis- What else?
rest - Insomnia allows you to heal and stay awake.

Drowzee learnset

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need a good reason for this question to survive please add some benefits of not evolving him into hypno
Evolite's pretty much all the reason you need.
My moveset is horrible for evolite.
It's still a very useful item for him though.

(i guess what does evolite do anyhow?)
It boosts the defense and special defense of unevolved pokemon by 50%. Also, rest fails when you use it on pokemon with insomnia.
Well you can't say this moveset is horrible for Eviolite if you don't know what it does
I thought it boosted power

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Why anybody would use this pathetic Psychic type over Abra is beyond me. Poor offensive stats and a poor movepool.

Drowzee (M) @ Eviolite

Trait: Insomnia

EVs: 212 Atk / 76 Def / 196 SDef

Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)

  • Trick Room
  • Reflect
  • Drain Punch
  • Psycho Cut

He has poor enough Speed for Trick Room. Although there are better Pokemon to use with Trick Room, since you are using Drowzee already... Reflect helps up the team's (and Drowzee's sub-par) defense stat. Even with Eviolite the standard for Defense has become much higher, as Pokemon like Meditite, Misdreavus, and Tangela have been unleashed. Drain Punch provides type coverage and much needed healing, as the downside to having Eviolite is a lack of Oran Berry healing. Psycho Cut is more reliable STAB than Zen Headbutt, which more than makes up for a lower base power. The EV spread gives it max attack and Sp Def, plus some defense, which isn't maxed out as Reflect is going to boost your defense. A brave nature to further increase your rather poor Attack, while also lowering your Speed for Trick Room.

Certainly you mustn't use Drowzee or Hypno use Abra or Alakazam instead of it but for Drowzee i use this Moveset:

2-Hypnosis;Type:Psychic,PP:20,Effect:Make the foe sleep
3-Dream Eater;Type:Psychic,PP:15,Power:100,Only when the foe is sleeping (My Favourite Move)
4-Any move you want i prefer:
     1-Shadow Ball;Type:Ghost,PP:15,Power:80

This is the best Moveset for Drowzee or Hypno
But my advice for everyone to not use it because
there are some pokemons that were created to
not be used but only used by enemys faced in the
game but some guys really love this pokemon or
other weak pokemons as me (one of my favourite
pokemons is Raticate) so yeah if you like it use it
and if not so much there are many pokemons better
than it.

Thanks and I hope my advice was useful for everybody.