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I really want to use a Donphan on my team, and just caught one. Which member of my team should I get rid of?

Ability: Contrary
Leaf Blade
Leech Seed
Grass Pledge

Ability: Sand Veil
Seed Bomb
Dark Pulse

Ability: Solid Rock
Earth Power
Iron Head
Lava Plume
Rock Slide

Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide

Ability: Victory Star
Fusion Bolt
Searing Shot

Ability: Lightning Rod
Thunder Wave
Flame Burst

I'm thinking of getting rid of Victini, even though he is obviously broken. I don't want to get rid of Serperior or Aerodactyl. I like all of my team members, so it is hard to choose.

Yes I am using a mod that's how I am playing with a Victini and Pokemon that aren't in the base game, but that should not impact the answer.

Either Serperior or Cacturne, because two Grass types are redundant. I would usually say to dump Cacturne, but it has a much better moveset than Serperior, so you should probably push Serperior off the team.

You could also consider getting rid of Camerupt, as you'd be removing an overlapping Fire type with Victini, and replacing it with a different Ground tyoe.
Serperior is waiting for Leaf Storm, and then it will start sweeping.
Get rid of camerupt, you have a ground weakness. Also, get a vaporeon.

I used this team for W2. https://pastebin.com/raw/XkMLTmxW
Note: Using work up 2 times with scrafty and then brick breaking Grimsly's pokemon is a easy sweep.
2nd note: I didn't pay attention to natures or abilities when I did this so feel free to use any other ability.

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Remove Camerupt
Camerupt already shares a type with Victini, and if you add Donphan, it'll share a type with two of your Pokemon, and so much type overlap is BAD in a normal playthrough. Also, Camerupt doesn't provide much to the team, as it has very paltry speed and bulk and it's attacking stats are nothing to write home about either. Also, think about replacing Cacturne with a Water type

The moveset:

Donphan @ anything (Leftovers)?
Ability: Sturdy

Stone Edge/ Knock Off/Seed Bomb
Ice Shard
Rapid Spin

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Did you just sniped my answer?
Why Donphan over Krookodile and Excadrill?
Because I asked for donphan, and that is who I want to use
Mmm... I can see why
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Get rid of Camerupt. It's type overlaps with Victini. I think you should also replace Cacturne with a water type as well.