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Hey guys, SimplyYK here. I am grinding up my team before the gym battle against Crasher Wake. Should I add a Roselia to my squad of four, or choose a different Pokemon? Here's my team if you were wondering:
Infernape = Level 36
Staravia = Level 26
Floatzel = Level 26
Luxio = Level 26
P.S Please recommend a moveset for me if you want (optional)

You would probably need it for his Quagsire, but you could always just use Staravia for that, since you can use Luxio to sweep his Gyrados.
Now that your team already has 4 Pokemon, I'd say Roserade is worse than an empty slot. Empty slots let their teammates get all the experience.
A Grass type Pokémon is most likely to cover Water/Ground opponents like Wake's Quagsire and Cynthia's Gastrodon
I know he/she has a Floatzel to counter Ground and Rock and Luxio to counter Water.

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You might want to use Roselia, since it can handle Quagsire easily. You might not want Quagsire to use Mud Sport, since it makes Luxio hit Floatzel a little less hard, and it may result to a bad match up. Roselia can OHKO Quag pog, so there shouldn't be any problem ready for you.

Also, Roserade (though gives burden to the team members till it evolves) reduces burden of Floatzel by single handedly taking on Bertha (Floatzel can sweep most of Flint's team and Lucian's team). It also helps in defeating Gastrodon, which walls everyone in your team.

So I would recommend you to add Roserade to your team. A simple move of Grass Knot and Petal dance could help your team greatly.

Hope this helps :)

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