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While playing Nat Dex AG it was given that Arceus Plates are illegal in Showdown's Teambuilder.

But Pixie Plate was legal.

Why are the Other Plates Banned/Illegal?

Why is Pixie Plate legal when others or not?

If illegal how are we able to use those?


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The Arceus plates thing is a visual glitch in teambuilder

Source: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/razor-fang-in-gen8-national-dex-ag.3664866/

I also tested it out in a replay. The teammbuilder says illegal but when validated, it's actually legal


As for why the fairy plate is legal, the thing is actually in swsh for some reason but the other plates are not


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The pixie plate is in sword and shield because it is the only fairy move boosting item. Since arceus isn't in sword and shield the only use for the plates would be to boost the moves of their type, however there are already regular items that do that, except for fairy where it's only the pixie plate.
Wait, so there's no fairy type version of something like miracle seed or charcoal?
No there is not.
Well now, didn't know that. That's surprising to hear