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I just happened to shell out 300 dollars on eBay to get both Colosseum Bonus Discs. I have a PAL version of Ruby and a JPN version of Ruby. Well, lucky lucky, you can claim it more than once, but only one per game. So will it work? And will it work on Emerald?

It should work on Emerald but I don't know anything else on the question

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To receive Jirachi, a Nintendo GameCube–Game Boy Advance cable, an English copy of either Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire, and an empty spot in the party is required.

After Celebi has been transferred to the Colosseum save file, the Bonus Disc can then be used to transfer up to 48 more Celebi to any Japanese Game Boy Advance Pokémon games as long as the player has entered the Hall of Fame and saved in a Pokémon Center.

So the answer is no.

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But will it work on emerald?
According to Bulbapedia, you can get the Celebi in Emerald, but you can't get Jirachi.