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I cant figure out a 6st team member, I need a type advantage

Zekrom : Draco Meteor - Dragon Breath - Thunderbolt - Swift

Krookodile : Earthquake - Crunch - Outrage - Thunder Fang

Chandelure : Flamethrower - Fire Blast - Shadow Ball - Energy Ball

Starmie : Surf - Ice Beam - Thunderbolt - Pyshic

Virizion : Giga Drain - Close Combat - Swords Dance - Leaf Blade

May i know what was your starter pokemon?
Darkinator, it was Osshawott

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You need a Flying type! Flying is essential to every team, especially an in game one, as you need Fly.

As you are post game, you can get a Mandibuzz relatively easily. You can catch a Vullaby on Route 23 at Level 47, and at Level 54, it will evolve. You can also catch a low leveled Mandibuzz on Thursdays on Route 4.

You can also use Unfezant, which can be easily found on Route 1.

As it is a Flying type, flying types are everywhere, and you are in Post game, it doesn't really matter who you choose. Choose whichever Pokemon you want.

Btw, if you don't want a Flying type, Zekrom can learn Fly, which would be awesome for traveling around Unova. Also, you should get rid of either Outrage or Thunder Fang for Stone Edge/Rock Slide on Krookodile. You already have a Dragon/Electric type in Zekrom, and don't need both types on another Pokemons moveset.

Hope I could help

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Thank you so much! I thought about putting fly on Zekrom, thanks
You probably could In exchange for Swift, Zekrom is already pretty fast
Swift doesn't affect speed
No it isn't. Swift is a Normal type special move with 60 base power and cannot miss.
Oh that's right lol swift doesn't miss! I feel so dumb rn I knew it was special