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I tried to kill the rival's Pokemon in a multi battle and somehow his Serperior did not die to a Haxorus' Dragon Claw after a Dragon Dance. Is the damage reduced in a friendly fire or is my game just glitching? Also, is this actually a thing in other games or is it just in BW2?

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+1 Lvl 55 0+ Atk Mold Breaker Haxorus Dragon Claw vs. Lvl 43 0 HP / 0 Def Serperior: 148-175 (113.8 - 134.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Uh nope it doesn't
I know that Hugh's Pokemon have EVs when you battle against him, so they might also have EVs in the multi battle. Also did the Serperior use coil? Are you sure your Haxorus's physical attack was at +1?
No it did not use coil. It just spammed leaf blade and yes I used dd because I wanted to save turns killing the plasma pokemon and I wanted to kill Hugh's as well
Was Hugh's Serperior at full health? Did the grunt's Sneasel use screech?
Yes, it was at full health

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