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I have a certain Pokemon of mine that evolves at level 32, but learns a new move at level 40. Can I teach it the new move and evolve it at level 40 simultaneously?

I think it would learn the move, then evolve after the battle.

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This should work. It also works vice versa, as if you evolve a Pokemon, and that newly-evolved-pokemon learns something on the level you evolved it it will learn the move. It works the other way, because, as Giru-Ruku said, move learning, along with stat increasing, happens before the battle technically ends, whereas evolution always happens afterward. Move learning happens first.

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I think when a Pokemon levels up, it always looks for moves that it can learn before trying to evolve. After it evolves, it does another search for moves that it can learn.
So you agree, that it should be possible?
Okay, thank you guys. Just wanted to be sure, cuz I'm getting a little too close to my current leveling goal right now, and the move is learned right before it.
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