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I have just started my first playthrough of Pokemon X. Currently I have Frogadier, Charmeleon and Skiddo in party and I am thinking of getting a lucario and goomy too. There is one problem though. My charmeleon has timid nature (-ATK nature). So I can't use mega charizard X since he is a special attacker and I haven't planned on using another flying type. Fly is a physical and important move for going one place to another in seconds and at least one Pokemon in the main party should learn it. Now which Pokemon should I use for fly?

Why not teach it to Charizard anyway? Nobody is forcing you to use Fly in battles.
One: Just use Fly for flying purposes and not for battling on Charizard.
Two: Catch any slave just for the purpose of Fly (I wouldn't recommend). You can catch Hawlucha for Cut + Strength + Fly (Hawlucha as a slave o.O), Skarmory or Farfecth'd solely for the purpose of Cut + Fly.
According to https://pokemondb.net/x-y/hms , Dragonite can learn all the HMs, but it is very difficult to obtain. Besides Dragonite, the best HM slave is Hawlucha.
Just catch yourself a Fletchling and use it whenever you want to fly.
Who is the sixth Pokemon on your team?
My first playthrough of X I used both mega Charizard and talonflame. You aren't going to struggle with two fire types, even if the type overlap is huge

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I think you should go grab a staravia for flying . it’s very good with close combat and intimidate with decent attack , defense ( due to intimidate ) and speed when it evolves at 34 , just in time for korrina
You can find one on route 11 at bout lvl 22
It can be a very effective member or your team
Trust me , I’ve used it many times in platinum and kalos


Take down
Close combat
U turn

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