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this is just something i've thought about just now...

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there is no information about baby kangaskhan weight and height

ive search for it and there is no any information about the weight and the height of a baby kangaskhan
if I missed any please tell me

Hope I helped!

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and i found some weird theory about cubone and kangaskhan :/
okay... thankyou anyway :>   

how tall would you say that baby kangaskhan is, based on screenshots, though? :3
i think around 50-100 cm
:D  thankyou :D
happy to help! ;)
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There are theories saying that marowak maybe an adult form of an baby kangaskhan but I don't think that's true but if I had to make an rough estimate on its weight and height then I would say about the weight and height of an cubone .

Hope this helps and if this doesn't i'm sorry in just a kid.

And that is the weird theory i say in my comment
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thankyou :D