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If you have a good moveset for Dragonite, post an answer below and upvote the best ones. Remember, this is for competitive movesets, not in-game. Ability, EVs etc should be included, and we encourage sets for VGC doubles as well as singles. Make sure to read all the guidelines here.

Dragonite Pokedex & learnset for reference.


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A weird set here. Yet surprisingly effective....

Dragonite @ Leftovers
248 HP/ 84 Atk/ 176 SpD

Hone Claws
Dragon Rush

A set that works off his higher attack stat but at the same tim uses hi sbulk effectively. Hone Claws allows him to have a moderatly high attack and makes Dragon Rush quite usable. Substitue helps make him more bulky and can help to keep Multisclae in play. Dragon Rush will almost always hit after one Hone Claws and is a good medium between Dragon Claw and Outrage. Last, Roost increases him longevity.

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I think a good moveset would be
Fire Blast
I think a good move set would be
Fire Blast
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Excuse another answer to this list but with gen 6 coming up, a new and powerful set has been introduced

[email protected] Policy
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 atk 252 spe 4 HP
Adamant/Jolly Nature
-Dragon Claw/Outrage
-Fire Punch

Make sure you face a Pokemon that would use a supereffective move on you(NOT MAMOSWINE). Multiscale should let you take that hit, and on the same turn, you use agility. Now you basically shell smashed yourself without defense drops and baton passes :)

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Darn, was hoping no one had posted this.
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I have a very efficient set:
Dragonite @ Lum Berry
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Claw for a good STAB move. It does not confuse. Besides, there is a different use for the Lum Berry.
- Dragon Dance for setting up a sweep with Multiscale and Lum Berry.
- ExtremeSpeed for good priority.
- Fire Punch for coverage.

Simply get up a few DDs and that should be efficient because of Lum Berry and Multiscale. Use Dragon Claw for STAB, Fire Puch on some types, and ExtremeSpeed for enemies on low health. Then, enjoy a short sweep.

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I've used this in Gen 5, it's a decent set +1
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Bulky Dragonite


ability: Multiscale

Light screen-boosts up special defense. Ice beams don't do as much to him now. Most physical moves are fighting, ground, and rock type. He resists figthing, is immune to ground, and can deal with rock types using his sweeping move.

roost-Restores health. Very annoying when used with multiscale, light screen and leftovers.

dragon dance-Boosts up attack power and speed.

dragon claw/outrage-Sweeping move +STAB. Only steel types can resist this move.

If you want even more fun, try baton passing defense to him beforehand.

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Physical Dragonite
Item: Persim Berry/Lum Berry
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) or Jolly (+Spe, -SpA)
- Outrage- high power, STAB, and kills multiple opponents
- Stone Edge- high power and kills Ice type weakness
- Dragon Dance- Increases ur power and speed
- Earthquake/Any elemental punch/Waterfall- this last move is ur choice depending on what ur needs are but I would go with Earthquake because it has the most power and has good type coverage

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Double/Triple battle

Dragonite (M) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Multiscale
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Fly

I like teaming it up with an Audino. Rock Slide and Earthquake hit multiple foes. Dragon Claw is STAB. Fly is STAB that is less predictable in Triples and can hit any foe.

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Here's mine:
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant
Item: Expert Belt
•Fire Punch

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Very powerful Pokémon and he has a humongous movepool, therefore it could be hard to choose. Here is a moveset that covers all of its weaknesses and can be used effectively.

Fly STAB, great power, high accuracy and helps you get around from town to town
Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse STAB, coverage (Dragon), it is up to you whether you want to have a physical or special attack
Flamethrower coverage (Ice), Dragons look awesome with a fire move and fire is awesome anyway
Earthquake coverage (Rock), this move is awesome against tons of Pokémon

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that's a good moveset, except that most ice types are special defensive. chuck Flamethrower and add Fire punch. dragonite's high attack stat will make it more powerful anyway.
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ITEM... Grip claw

Wrap: Extended and slow damage by grip claw
Toxic: Slowly take down
Protect: For wrap and toxic to do their magic
Substitute:To block hits like protect but just so that both can be used alternately so that protect has full accuracy!

Pretty cool huh!

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Nice set, but if you battle pokemons with high hp, it will take some time to kill them and in the time you wait they might attack you. I suggest putting one move that will do a lot of damage.
maybe, maybe not! This is my tested moveset!!!!
besides i have substitute and protect...
Nope, this set is destroyed by Steel types. Wrap will do very few damage and they are immune to Toxic.
but i can switch to other pokemon...
I think you're destroying the potential of your Dragonite.
If you want a Pokemon for what that moveset (besides wrap) presents, get a Blissey.
(the D-day of Pokemans)
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Well my dragonite has:
1.Ice beam
2 Dragon Rush
3 Outrage (pure power)
4 Stone edge

With these moves my dragonite seems to own everybody but it is level 100 though.

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do Ice punch instead of ice beam. Dragonite's high attack stat makes it do more damage.
(unless you're playing in gen III or lower)
where are the EV's, nature and item on this answer? Read the question m8.
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item: leftovers
trait multi-scale
nature: adamant

dragon rush/dragon claw/outrage: STAB, takes care of other dragons.
aqua tail/waterfall: Covers rock weakness
thunderpunch: kills the water Pokemon that tries to hit you with ice attacks!
dargon dance. boosts awesome attack stat, and low speed stat.

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Dragonite (Bulky Dragon Dance)

Zeyphr (Adamant) Ability = Multiscale (Leftovers)

Evs= 248 HP , 16 Atk , 240 Spdef

-Fire Punch / EarthQuake / Heal Bell
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw / Outrage

This Set & Evs ensure that dragon will maintain its bulk and ALWAYS get 2KOd by ice beam .Also giving these EVs allows Dragonite to take hits from special attackers like a charm.
Now Fire Punch is Used for those pesky steels , while earthquake punishes Heatran & Jirachi . Now Heal bell is uncommon but it supports Your team helpfully by removing status problems on your teams . Dragon Dance is for the boost of more power and thus the speed . Dragon Claw is the main choice of attack because dragonites main role is to support and to tank hits . While Outrage is for more power + bringing in the confusion .

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It's still a possibility to get OHKO'd with ice beam just sayin
not with the SPDEF evs + multiscale
Multiscale, no. When broken, from any powerful attacker, yes.
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I'm kind of new here, and wanted to suggest my first moveset on Dragonite. I'm seriously shocked that no one has done this.

Role: The Guarded Sweeper
Nature: Jolly
Hold Item: Muscle Band
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 Spd
-Dragon Dance

This one may need some explaining. Waterfall is a very good water type move with a decent chance of flinch, Dragon Dance is to raise attack and speed, and Safeguard is to set up for an Outrage sweep. Once you set up this Dragonite paired with the Muscle Band, you're pretty much unstoppable.

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This is actually a decent use of safeguard!
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You have asked the right guy I am king of D-nites

Nature:Adamant or anything to boost your attack or speed
Item:Life Orb or Persim berry to cure confusion.
Role:Unstoppable Sweeper.
-Firepunch covers ice type
-Outrage sweeping move/Dragon claw
-Dragondance setup move
-earthquake just in case

When your D-nite is in setup d-dance and have multiscale help you not die on the first turn,if you take very little damge go for another d-dance.After that go for a sweep with outrage or setup again,(I wouldnt just for time and Hp sake.)Start sweeping the hell out of the opposing team.If on the first turn there is a ice type fire punch it.

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Dragonite (M/F) @weakness policy/leftovers/lum berry
Adamant Nature(+Atk,-spAtk)
-Dragon dance
-Aqua jet (till Dec when pokebox comes out and he/she can get extreme speed)
-Fire punch

I always like to have a priority move but I'm thinking of switching aqua jet with earthquake. Only because when it comes in you get a free dragon dance so hes already fast.

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Dragonite @ Lum Berry
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Jolly

  • Outrage
  • Dragon Dance/Fire Bunch
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake
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Powerhouse Dragonite

Etinogard @ Expert Belt
Trait: Multiscale
Nature: Jolly/Adamant

  • Dragon Claw (STAB)
  • Ice Punch (Deals with grass, flying and ground types)
  • Extremespeed (Priority)
  • Earthquake (Deals with steel, rock, fire, poison, and electric types)

Good coverage, and Extremespeed to wipe out anything at low HP. Dragon claw base 120 with STAB, or same as outrage without STAB, but no confusion or hitting a steel type.

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this is what mine knows I made it for type coverage

ice beam




i didn't put in a dragon type move ice covers dragon types.

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dragon type has STAB so thats more better
plus you haz sp.atk. AND attack type moves so that isn't to good
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how about this moveset:
Dragon claw
wing attack

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chuck wing attack and thunderbolt.
do hurricane(or fly) and Thunderpunch instead
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Okay.I have made some changes.


1.Hurricane Can get a 100%accuracy during rain
2.Draco meteor Just if you want to have a special attack
3.Protect for defense
4.Ice beam to have coverage on other dragon types

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