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In my attempts to make a pure Kanto only Team (1-151) or a pure Johto only Team (152-251) with the 3 Starters in their respective regions, I've originally tried to just focus on STAB only and ensure I have full coverage with STAB which I've finally accepted is very limiting and makes things quite frustrating.

When does it come to a point where STAB would be more beneficial to a TEAM vs. focusing on Full Coverage for a team and not worrying about what Type each Pokemon is for STAB capability?

For example: KANTO (1-151)
If I have:
Venusaur - Grass/Poison
Charizard - Fire/Flying
Blastoise - Water
Lapras - Water/Ice
Gengar - Ghost/Poison
Empty - Empty

For example: JOHTO (152-251)
Meganium - Grass
Typhlosion - Fire
Feraligatr - Water
Lugia - Psychic/Flying
Empty - Empty
Empty - Empty

With the teams above I can Identify I'm missing Fighting and Ground for Full Coverage STAB in KANTO List and I'm missing Fighting, Ground, Ice, Dark for Full Coverage STAB in JOHTO List.

KANTO List: I know I could fill the Empty spot with either a Fighting Pokemon or a Ground Pokemon to more easily have Full Coverage and STAB fulfilled; but if I were to put Earthquake/Earth Power on any of the Pokemon listed, would that be considered silly or a waste since I wouldn't be utilizing a STAB in the 6th Pokemon Slot for Ground?

Same example if I was to put (Fill in the blank) Fighting move on any of the Pokemon listed, would that be equally considered silly or a waste since I wouldn't be utilizing STAB in the 6th Pokemon Slot for Fighting?

I have been told to utilize the Damage Calculation formula to see if "x" TYPE attack would be stronger with non TYPE Pokemon vs. TYPE Pokemon, and the results I've gotten is telling me I need to fill last spot with one of the 2 STABs. I might be doing it wrong but I am trying to understand if I am wasting my time worrying about whether or not the EMPTY spot/s is filled with the role of one of the remaining STABS that helps with Full Coverage.

I hope this is much more clear than my other attempts to ask similar question. I realize I didn't properly identify what I was really trying to ask before.

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This is for battling in-game trainers, right? I just want to make sure.
Correct sumwun, this is for battling in-game trainers.
I think STAB moves are usually more useful than coverage moves. Even the best coverage moves, like earthquake, are super effective against only 4 of 15 or 5 of 17 types, but STAB moves always get STAB every time they hit a target.
So for another example using Lapras, with moves: Surf, Rain Dance, Thunder, Ice Beam

It's more in my best interest to try and have an Electric type to use Thunder.
Is that a correct understanding of what your saying?
No, I'm saying that surf and ice beam are usually more useful than thunder, not that thunder is useless on Lapras. Surf, ice beam, and thunder take up only 3 of Lapras's 4 move slots, so you can easily use all 3 of those moves. Getting an electric Pokemon would cost 1 Pokemon slot and 4 move slots, which is a lot more expensive than just teaching thunder to a Lapras. GSC Ampharos might be worth getting, but I don't think there are any good electric Pokemon in RBY, FRLG, or HGSS. (there's Zapdos, but it shares a type with Charizard)
i would prefer the following teams:
night slash
ice beam
shadow ball and  rock slide
rock slide
brick break
dragon claw or dragon pulse

I still can't shake this feeling of confusion regarding when I should be more focused on STAB Pokemon in my example team that provides the ability to reach full coverage vs. not worrying about STAB potential and just use whatever Pokemon I desire, and teach whatever moves I can in the team that allows full coverage that way instead.

The Pokemon Types I've normally struggled with even considering a Pokemon to place on my team or figure out a move for a specific Pokemon are: Fighting, Electric, Ground, and Dark since I know there's a fair amount of moves like Thunder, Earthquake/Earth Power, Crunch, & (insert Fighting move) that many Pokemon can learn that aren't same type as those moves.

I have, with Gen 1 games, taught my Gengar a fighting move just because Normal Pokemon can't hit Gengar anyways. But yea, it's stuff like that.

Forgive me if I'm rambling and not making sense with this comment, I've written this comment while half asleep.

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