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My maths teacher gave me his old Pokemon cards. Most of them are just bad commons but there are 5 Pokemon from Fossil (Ekans, Arbok, Zubat, Golduck and Articuno) that have a gold border and card art (other than the Pokemon itself). I've never seen this before and I know they aren't secret rares because they didn't exist yet. They might be fake as all of them have the PokeBall on the back scribbled out with black marker and some are bent.

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I looked online and unless you're sure that these cards are not rare, then all I can say is someone either marked those borders, or they are fakes. But I wouldn't discount them as fake just yet. It may be that he used them when he was younger and being younger, didn't take any real care of them. But, what do I know? I am just an idiot after all. But I would ask if your teacher knows anything about them. Maybe your math teacher marked them. Or printed on them. But I don't see how. Anyway, that's all I can give you.

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