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As some of you know, a few years ago I played Pokémon Sun, and I'm hoping to get Ultra Moon for my birthday. Since I always like to use the mascot legendary, I want to switch things around due to too much type overlap: I'm going to pick Litten instead of Rowlet this time, as well as perhaps pick something else besides Mimikyu, but maybe not since it has a Z crystal, and is still an amazing Pokémon. I'll probably keep my other members, Gyarados and Mudsdale. However, I'm not sure who I should replace my Arcanine with, any suggestions, perhaps Lurantis? Or suggestions about other members?

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Blush mountain isn’t incredibly late, it’s around the time your starter should get fully evolved
It doesn't really matter, use whoever you want. Just make sure you have a dark type for UN, if you don't know
Yes, I knew, hence Incineroar being on my team.
Avoid type overlap
Doesn't really matter in an in game team

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