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Ever realise that Pikachu is Lv100 but he always loses to a gym leader once. Are the trainers in the anime stronger?

Even odder: Pikachu lost to Lv5 Snivy Plus it survived Pikachu's iron tail. What the point in having a Lv100 lose a lot? I remember I Trained a Pikachu till it was Lv100 and it was kick ass.

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Lots of people say levels don't exist in the anime.I agree with them.

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There aren't levels in the anime. Levels, EVs, and stats are put in the game to have some solid gameplay. The pokemon in the anime have general tendencies, like Umbreon being very defensive, but Remember that the pokemon can be fairly strong too. If ash Beat the gym leaders as easily as you could in the games, the show would be even more boring, and the gym leaders wouldn't seem all that much of a threat. He may have lost to a Snivy or the gym leaders, but think about what else it has done. It's taken out things like Dragonite, Golem, Machamp, and was an even match for a Latios.

There's no complete consistency. They only made it lose to Snivy to give ash a sense of rivalry (once again, another tired, overused theme in the show) against this new guy. I don't watch the anime, but I can tell you he'll win by one pokemon at the pokemon league.

In short, the anime and the games are two different things, each with their own system of what's "good" and what's not. Ash would be a pretty crappy trainer by video game standards, but for the anime, the system by which he should be measured, he's actually really good.

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Ive read on bulbapedia that bye some episode Pikachu was clarified as Lv100.
and also....
Pkmn trainer red is a stronger version of Ash.
He has Pikachu Lapras Snorlax Venusaur Charizard Blastoise
Ash had...
Pikachu lapras Snorlax Bulbasur Charizard Squirtle...
Other then that GREAT answer...
Red is the video game form of Ash. It's not appropriate to say he's stronger as you can't compare the two. They come from different media forms with their own standards. They didn't say pikachu was level 100, they said that its level "far exceeds its evolutionary level," meaning it's stronger than the average pikachu and even some Raichu, but it doesn't indicate a numerical level.
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Actually there is levels in the anime in the first season when ash and friends accidentally find a pokemon school in the fog and the older boys and quizing the younger on what level pokemon evolve
Yup I saw that recently on Youtube when I was seeing the Indigo League episodes
Those still aren't numerical levels the way the game functions, not to mention the anime retconned that point.