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Welcome to the USUM OverUsed Team Bazaar! This thread is for showcasing your teams which have fared well on the ladder or in tournaments. In short, it's a thread where you can show off teams without having to go through the trouble of writing up a full RMT. As long as the team is viable enough for the USUM OverUsed metagame, you're free to post your team in this thread (no gimmicks allowed!!). Now with that being said, here are a few guidelines which you're expected to read before posting:

  • Please post no unfinished teams! Consider this as a smaller sibling of RMT, we would like if you put some effort into polishing your team before presenting them here. Try to test your teams before posting them here, too. If you want feedback for your team, post it in the RMT section.
  • Commenting on teams is appreciated only when you have some constructive feedback. Random comments are frowned upon, as it causes clutter. And if someone does give feedback on your team, try to take it in the best way possible even if you don't necessarily agree.
  • Try to avoid meaningless discussions arguing about a team. Don't beat the horse to death; further discussions can be taken to wall posts.
  • Including the EVs, natures and the sort is a must. All the sets should be posted in the Showdown! importable format too (example here).
  • Please include a description and importable (through PokePaste) when posting teams! Mentioning the archetype (i.e., Balance, Hyper Offense, Stall etc.) of the team when posting is appreciated too. Try to include at least three lines of description for each Pokémon. Make sure your description addresses specific teambuilding choices and general strategy, as well as any unique sets that might be on your team. Sprites are also appreciated, but not necessary.
  • No more than two/three answers per post please! Even if your explanations are concise and up to the point, post different answers if you have more than two/three teams.

More information about posting can be found here.

That's all, post away!

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Not for the current Gen right now, no, these are only for Old Gens currently. We'll decide which Gen/meta to roll next, USUM UU or ORAS OU are the most probable ones. USUM/ORAS Monotype is an OM, so not really sure if it's gonna come anytime soon. Stay tuned though!
aah, thanks for the information! cant wait for the USUM Monotype!
hope its pretty soon :)
Alright, now that I finally have an idea of how the Team Bazaar is gonna look like and really love the way it has a 'Team Archive', I'd like to ask the following:

1. How will we moderate this thread? Its inevitable that people would post unviable teams here. We'll hide such answers and post on their wall informing them about why their team was hidden and ask them to first post it as an RMT, I suppose?

2. What would be the "threshold" of when a team is viable enough to deserve a place here and when its not? This issue would appear a lot in the future and we need a clear idea of a "viable team." Kreepy Krawly's teams didn't face this issue, since we all know he's really good at OU; but that's not the case with everyone who posts - especially with people who make an account just to post.
Since this thread is essentially a 'more competitive but less descriptive' version of an RMT, we'll need to be more strict about the viability of the teams posted here. I'd love if these threads give our site the same competitive niche it had back in 2012-2013 (and I know you want that too, otherwise you wouldn't even bother about these threads when Smogon has all the stuff!), and deciding when a team is viable crucial for that!
I'll reply to this soon when I get some time.
Alr I can reply now.

1. I'm not staff or anything so I'm not sure, but this thread would be moderated nicely I can assure you that. Unviable teams would be hidden, I'll ask the Staff to do the needful, and I can personally drop a wallpost on the answer's wall before their team is hidden too, so dw about the moderation.

2. I'm personally well versed in some ORAS & USUM tiers, and can tell if a team is viable by looking at it. Of course this is no way a good enough "check" of the viability of the team, so I'll discuss with people in my competitive server about what they feel about a team which is raising questions. This is just a rough thing and we'll have something better later onwards though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Smogon has done things like discussing and hiding “bad” teams, it wouldn’t be impossible to do that here. :P

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Team Archive

This is a contents section of the thread. All the teams posted in the thread would be sorted here according to their archetype, i.e., Balanced, Bulky Offense, Hyper Offense and Stall. If you feel your team is in the wrong section, please let me know.


Bulky Offense

Hyper Offense



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Are we allowed to use media from Smogon -- the sprites of pokemon and items? Our site has sprites of our own, right?
Smogon used the Serebii minisprites, almost the whole competitive Pokémon world uses the PS! sprites, pretty sure Smogon isn't gonna be ruffled by this.
Our site has the sprites, but not the 3D and minisprites, and I personally prefer the Smogon sprites.

Edit: As a better clarification, Smogon itself uses our PokéBase sprites sometimes, so I'm sure they won't have an issue with us using their sprites.
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Ahh yes, gen seven ou. My favorite of all time. Have a bunch of teams but I'll only post three of them


This here is my favorite team of all time. Mega Garchomp + Ash Greninja destroys stuff while Pex and Tangrowth gives a very solid defensive core against most of the tier. Tornadus is the hazard remover and general pain in the ass while z move Magearna destroys the stall teams that like to waste one's time. I did not come up with the team on my own though. Someone on smogon gave me a good team rate and I adjusted it to this one which is how I prefer to play the game

TyranitarExcadrillSkarmoryTapu LeleSlowbroChansey

This team is one I built so I can appreciate what gamefreak has taken from us in swsh, pursuit. Straightforward stuff. Tyranitar pursuits everything while Excadrill loves sand. Tapu Lele is the main wall breaker with hp fire to melt Scizor and Ferrothorn. Chansey is the Greninja, which sand teams absolutely hate, counter while Slowbro deals with stuff like Medicham, Loppony and Garchomp. Skarmory is the one to counter Kartana and with counter, you pretty much take out setup sweepers in one go


Lastly, this one uses the core of Garchomp + Mega Zam. Greninja is the sweeper of the team and works well with Chomp while Zam is the speed control of the team. Ferrothorn and Toxapex provide a good defensive backbone against a good amount of the tier while Tornadus is the hazard remover if I need it. Like earlier, it is also a pain in the ass

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Cool teams!! Crisp description which gives the basic idea of the team, awesome. Next time, just try to mention the archetype of the team :].
My bad. I didn't really mention the type of team since I don't know the difference between bo and balance so I didn't even bother
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Trick Room HO

This is a Trick Room team, so choosing the right lead is pivotal. If you think they’ll throw out Taunt, lead Cresselia. Otherwise, send out Stakataka. Getting Stealth Rock out after Trick Rooming may be essential in the later game where you might be relying on OHKOing and don’t want to worry about Focus Sash or the occasional Sturdy Skarmory.
Firium Z alows Slowking to obliterate Steel Types that feel safe switching into Slowking, such as Magnezone or Cekesteela, while not relying on Accuracy RNG screwing you over, and being reliable enough to put down Ferrothorn.
Swords Dance, Toxic, and Knock Off are for stall breaking; although, HO has a harder time breaking through stall in general.
Trick Room on more than half of the team grants more clutch opportunities to regain momentum and taking out key members of the opposing team later in the match.

Possible variations may include Earthquake rather than Stone Edge on Stakataka to hit threats like Magnezone, Heatran, and Blacephalon more hardly or consistently; Calm Mind over Trick Room (and a redistribution of the EV spread/Nature) for better Wallbreaking and Cleaning ability.

Forgive me if my team sucks and please give feedback on whether it is good or not. :P
Hope I helped!

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ZamKart + MagChomp Balance

(Click on the sprites for an importable!)

This team with Greninja-Ash is built with the core of TankChomp as the entry hazard setter and lead Pokémon to lure other threats such as Hetaran, Excadrill, and Tyranitar-Mega, which can dent the team if left unchecked.
Choice Scarf Kartana is the speed control Pokémon, and it can also deal with Rain teams which have Manaphy, Swampert-Mega and Azumarill in their team, and alongside Toxic Garchomp, you can cripple them severely.

Tornadus-Therian is the Z-Move user with Flynium-Z, a really strong Flying-type STAB move, which can heavily dent or outright OHKO opposing Pokémon such as Kartana, Tapu Bulu, Garchomp and Tangrowth, among others.

Magearna is the special wall of the team, with Assault Vest it can deal with massive threats such as Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, opposing Greninja-Ash and opposing Magearna.

Greninja-Ash is the main wallbreaker of the team, as with priority in Water Shuriken and with the option to stack hazards in Spikes, it becomes extremely difficult to check. Spikes is chosen as its last move so that Alakazam-Mega can sweep easily late-game without worrying about lower rolls on Magearna and all.

Alakazam-Mega, along with Kartana and Greninja-Ash, can easily overwhelm the usual defensive cores of Heatran + Clefable + Venusaur-Mega and Toxapex + Gliscor + Latias-Mega. The last moveslot is Shadow Ball to mess with Jirachi, Tapu Lele and Reuniclus without having to go to Magearna and chipping it down.

The EVs are pretty straightforward, Magearna has 32 Speed EVs with a Sassy nature to outspeed uninvested Clefable so that it stands a chance to beat Calm Mind versions (and Clefable as a whole) late game.

Tyranitar-Mega than Alakazam-Mega is another choice, but I prefer the latter because of the beautiful offensive core of Alakazam + Kartana + Greninja-Ash, which can mess with most balanced and even offences easily.

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