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Or its previous evolutions can't be found.

Other than mythicals of course.

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Pretty sure the Ampharos line wasn't in Crystal for whatever reason.
Yes, but they were in the two previous games, which I don’t think makes it count.
Would the Rotom forms count for Platinum, as they're only obtainable through events?
For rotom forms yes. The rotom forms don't exist at all in DP, right?
From what I know, they don't, which I think is the same case for Giratina-Origin

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If we were counting alternative forms too, then this'd probably be them all

  • Tangrowth, as you've already mentioned was unobtainable as its pre-evolution wasn't found in the wild in DP
  • The Rotom forms are event exclusive and weren't made until Platinum and (from what I know) can't be transferred into Diamond and Pearl, and are as such, unobtainable
  • Meltan & Melmetal can only be obtained in Lets Go by transferring them in from Pokemon Go, I figured this was a special case for mythicals as they're obtainable outside of events
  • You can get statues of Bonsly, Lucario, Weavile, and Mime Jr. in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue, though, you cannot catch these Pokemon

And... That seems to be them all, tell me if I missed any
Source: Searching through the Serebii "Unobtainable Pokemon" pages.

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Cool thanks