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Hello dear PokemonDB Community,
my Question is the following:
I'm struggling to get my hands on a Lickitung with the move "Wish" due to it only being able getting this move in an old gen.
Theoretically, I could give it to my Lickitung in BDSP by using the Menu Glitch of 1.1.2 with a Pokemon relearning wish.
After Home gets added to the game, that Pokemon would count as being "legal", right?
Thank you guys very much for your effort in this Community!

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If I've misrepresented what you're asking with this new title, please feel free to change it.
You probably would be able to use it online and transfer it. Pokemon Home only looks for certain moves on certain Pokemon

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If Home allows Lickitung with Wish to be transferred into BD/SP, then Wish will be considered a legal move on Lickitung. However, if Home does not allow you to transfer Lickitung with Wish into BD/SP, then Wish will be considered an illegal move on Lickitung.

Your problem is that any Lickitung originating outside Gen 3 cannot legally access Wish. The origin of the Lickitung can be proven easily by viewing its summary screen, which gives anybody who cares a way to prove whether the Wish Lickitung truly came from Gen 3.

As such, it would be very easy to tell that you used the menu glitch (or PKHeX, etc) to get the Wish Lickitung. Official competitions would certainly consider this to be illegal, and most fans would probably tell you it's illegal as well.

tl;dr no

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tl;dr no
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The short answer to the question is no.