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Litwick learnset

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Litwick (M) @ Eviolite
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 116 HP / 236 SAtk / 156 SDef
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
- Trick Room
- Shadow Ball
- Flamethrower
- Energy Ball

Low Speed, so it should be used with Trick Room I say. And unlike Chandelure, Litwick has decent enough LC defenses. Shadow Ball and Flamethrower provide STAB, while Energy Ball provides type coverage. EVs give it good bulk, and max SP Attack.

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Litwick @Eviolite
Trait: Flame Body
Nature: Mild

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
HP (Fighting or Bug)

Inferno Is STAB And So Is Shadow Ball.
Energy Ball Is For Coverage Against Water
Types. Finnaly, Hidden Power Fighting Or
Bug Is To Beat Dark Types Since Litwick Is Ghost.

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