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Are Pokemon Go transfers and trading between 2 Switches the ONLY 2 ways to fully complete my Pokedex on Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu?

Even though I'm already convinced that they are, my best friend is arguing that she's absolutely POSITIVE that there must be another way. I am not allowed to buy a second Nintendo Switch Lite UNLESS I could find out for sure that I'm right.

I already contacted multiple Nintendo supports, and I didn’t receive an answer that actually addressed my question. You guys are my very last hope! Also, the site that Nintendo referred me to suggested I use Pokemon Home, but... I am sure that you cannot get Pokemon that only evolve when traded that way, now can I? (Not unless I already HAD that fully-evolved Pokemon already IN my other game, and to my knowledge, that would STILL require trading!)

Any help? It's my ONLY chance! Also, I really want that Shiny Charm!

Any help? PLEASE! No suggestions that you are not 150% sure will work! If you DO give a suggestion like that, (One that you are NOT 150% sure will work) PLEASE! Let me know that you are NOT 150% sure it will work! And PLEASE be honest about it! Please, ONLY give suggestions that you have actually successfully DONE before! Also, they MUST be things that have worked ALONE! In other words, NO Pokemon Home UNLESS you have fully completed your Pokedex with JUST Pokemon Home, and have NEVER, on EITHER game, traded between Switches or transferred from Pokemon Go! And... One more thing! Do NOT give me ANY suggestions that would require me to mod my Switch in order to follow through with! And JUST to be extra-safe... IF you HAVE a modded Switch... PLEASE! Do NOT try to answer my question! Any help from someone who truly has 0% doubt, and whose Switch is NOT modded? Please and thank you!

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Hi Megan, I edited your post under rule 0.1 to keep it more on-topic with your question.

For the trainer card portion, can you please repost that as a second question? Thanks!
To help you with your question, you can download Pokémon home onto your phone and put Pokémon for trade on the GTS to get fully evolved Pokémon like that. Then, you can transfer them into your game for the Pokédex.
You can't move Pokemon between Lets Go and Home, you can only deposit Pokemon from Lets Go into Pokemon Home, but you can't withdraw them back into the games. The cheaper methods would be trading with a friend with the opposite version or transferring the needed Pokemon from PoGo, but the latter would require you to have all the needed Pokemon caught on Pokemon Go, and to be transferred directly into Lets Go.
I no longer have a smartphone! Not only that, but I no longer have a Nintendo Switch Online membership anymore, either! I cannot even really afford both that and saving up for my vacation this year! (My portion of it-a friend is buying the park tickets, but I am buying my food there and paying for a locker) I cannot use Pokemon Go, so is there another way besides GTS, 2 switch trading, Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home? I have none of these at this point as an option UNLESS my friend can see that a 2nd Switch IS the best option. If I verify this, only THEN will she even LET me get a 2nd Switch. She's my advocate, and she's partly in charge of the rules.
Hmmmmm… in your case, if you can’t find anyone who can help you trade locally, it might just be that a second switch is the best option.

You should try looking at your local pawn shops to see if you can grab one for cheap

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If you can afford to get Switch Online just for one month, you could probably complete your Pokédex via online trades during that time without too much trouble. To save time, catch spares of all the Pokémon exclusive to your game, plus the four Pokémon that evolve via trading (Haunter, Machine, Kadabra, Graveler) first, so that once you activate Switch Online you're ready to start trading right away.

If you offer one of the Pokémon exclusive to your game, the other player will likely offer you its counterpart in exchange. And if you offer, say, Kadabra, chances are the other player will offer you another Kadabra so you can both get Alakazam.

This method is never 100% guaranteed to work because other players can be unpredictable, but it worked for me. I managed to get all the version exclusives and trade evolutions in less than a week, while using the free trial of Switch Online.

If you're having trouble getting random players to trade you the Pokémon you need, you could also try going on an online forum or subreddit and asking if anyone will trade with you.

It's also worth noting that you don't actually need the Shiny Charm to hunt for Shiny Pokémon. Shiny hunting is relatively easy in the Let's Go games, because all you need to do is get a catch combo of 31 or more, then watch the grass until a Shiny appears. The Shiny Charm increases your odds, but you can still find Shinies without it.

I hope this helps!

It's NOT JUST for the Shiny Charm that I want my Pokedex completed, by the way-it's a goal in almost ALL Pokemon games! The only game that I've EVER completed my Pokedex on is a Pokemon Blue ROM on my PC. I had 2 Pokemon Blue ROMs, 2 Pokemon Red ROMs, and 2 Pokemon Yellow ROMs. After I completed my Pokedex as far as I could in all 3 of the first Red, Blue, and Yellow, my brother moved 4 of the 6 games (Both Red's and both Blue's) from VisualBoy Advance over to TGB Dual. After that, I did ALL of the trading and after that, I evolved everything that needed to be evolved. (I only traded for the base forms of the Pokemon that did NOT evolve via trade, then evolved them in the NEW games.) I also had used save states on all of the games until some of them were moved to TGB dual. Now my goal is to complete my Pokedex on an actual system, AND get the trainer card up to the highest level after that! I share Professor Oak's dream of completing my Pokedex in at LEAST one game or game set. If it's possible, it's better if I accomplish that on a real system, rather than using a ROM. If I have to, I will download a new emulator and 10 new games, and start working on JUST 2 of the games' Pokedexes. I would have to have my brother (Who lives with me) help me download the entire GameBoy Advance Pokemon series AND the entire Pokemon Gen 4 series, aim to complete my Pokedexes in Soul Silver and in Platinum. The Gen 3 games will be ONLY for transfer, NOT for completion, as my old PC CANNOT handle Dolphin emulator, (The emulator for GameCube games) and I thus cannot play Colesseum or XD Gale of Darkness to get those Pokemon in any of the gen 3 GameBoy Advance games. (But using them for transfer to make completing my Pokedex on the DS games easier, though) Anyways, that's only my backup plan if I cannot complete my Pokedex on Let's Go. Also, about Nintendo Switch Online... If I DO get the membership, I will have NO stipend, because my bank can only give out $20's at the ATM, and the rest of my  "extra" money has its place: Household supplies, extra household supplies, and a non-gaming membership to a music service. (So a Nintendo Switch Online membership is NOT a good option. Besides, how many people still play Let's Go, anyway? Not very many compared to even newer games, I assume. Thus, finding a trading partner will be VERY difficult, as I have the need for a friend code set up, (I didn't know what that was when my Area Supervisor asked me if I wanted one-he just said it was for security, and I'm not sure you can remove that need) and I have NOBODY online to trade with, either! I don't even think that ANY of my friends on Facebook even PLAY Let's Go, or at least, I'm not SURE if any of them do. It would be SUCH a hassle to find out, AND be up to luck! Therefore, from other people's responses, it looks to me like getting another Switch Lite and the other Let's Go game is my best bet...
The only other thing I can suggest is that you try borrowing someone's smartphone so you can use the GTS on Pokémon HOME.  I haven't tried this myself, but apparently you can transfer Pokémon back into Let's Go as long as they've never been in a non-Lets Go game.  When making trading requests you can specify that you want a Pokémon from Let's Go.

I think you might like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, because you can complete the Pokédex in that game without trading at all.
I doubt that ANYONE will let me borrow their smartphone-I KNOW my staff members and my brother very well. Also, neither of them will want Pokemon Home on their smartphone, so I cannot do that, either. Also, I'm not very good at even slightly hard video games, so I could NEVER beat Pokemon Legends Arceus. I know how hard it is because my brother has gotten me into watching him play Pokemon Legends Arceus. He doesn't want to play scarlet or violet, though, because he strongly suspects that the 999th Pokemon is the Mark of the Beast described in the Bible. Due to the slight chance that he might be right, it's probably best if I don't play them, either. Besides, I never finish any video games that I absolutely CANNOT figure out what to do next in. I also never finish them if they are too hard for me.