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Im playing ruby, and I want a bagon, but, I checked bulbapedia and it says I can find it on b1f 2r, what does 2r mean here ?

It means Second Room
Where did you see Bulbapedia use "1d"?

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Because you never responded to my comment, I'll just assume you made a mistake. Please tell me if this assumption is wrong, and I'll convert this answer to a comment.

"F" stands for "floor".
"B" stands for "basement".
"R" stands for "room".
source: I have seen dozens of maps on Bulbapedia and none of them have used these abbreviations for different things. Apparently these abbreviations came from official guide books.

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1F/B1F pre-dates Pokemon, it's a common abbreviation used in all sorts of games, e.g. Zelda. I don't recall R being used often though.