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So um, if you don't understand what I meant, take a look at this image. Focus on Aron and Smeargle.


You see, Aron seems to have a single, thicker white line surrounding it unlike Smeargle who has multiple but thin white lines. What are the difference between these spawns?

Also I noticed that sometimes spawns with thick white lines seems to be encounterable even if they're off range from me. But that could just be my laggy ahh GO.

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Did you tap on the Aron? That's probably why there's a solid line around it. And yes, it's most likely the lag.
I didn't tap it. The same thing also happened this morning with a newly spawned Eevee.

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Recently however, I noticed some Pokémon would spawn and radiate a single, thicker, brighter white line in place of these other indicators. Any idea what this is supposed to indicate?

The Answer is listed below.

So, it’s your daily spawn, solely for you. Stays until midnight I believe so you can come back to it later. Niantic’s way of allowing rural/isolating players to get their catch streak.


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