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He is amazing earthquake and wood hammer pwn all. trainable speed

mine has 205. great moveset that can cover all weaknesses in one


I love ALL pokemon,even Magikarp.
Lol, nice, I like strong and cool pokemon
torterra is my fav starter

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I LOVE TORTERRA! Also, for a lvl 100, 205 speed isnt that high. Anyway, Torterra is Awesome. I think people don't like him because theyve never had one. They Chose Infernape or Empoleon because all they had ever heard about torterra was that he was slow. They don't know about his AWESOME ATTAck and MOVESETS. Torterra, in my opinion is the second best starter(guess who ilike better?) and Charizard is third.

Hope this explains why some people might think torterra isnt that good.

Whos voting these down, theres nothing wrong with either of these!?
To counteract this spree of voting people down. I'll vote up. The only reason I didn't get Torterra is that I don't like having two Pokemon of the same type on my team and I wanted a Garchomp.
So will i. I am voting up too
Torterra, my favourite Pokemon and Turtwig was my first Pokemon :3
"I LOVE TORTERRA", says the Swampert xD
Who do u like second best XD?
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Everyone has their opinion! every pokemon can be very amazing if the trainers are good too! torterra earthquake is supes effective against Infernape and Empoleon! but, why do people don't like torterra, is because its speed! torterra may be fainted in the first turn because Infernape flare blizt and Empoleon Ice beam! that's just my opinion!

Yeah, I have a friend who loves reptile Pokémon except Torterra because it's very weak to Ice, so it's quite understandable.
Torterra get stone edge. A rock type move. Have you seen what it's weaknesses are?