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I'm battling this guy tomorrow,all level 100s. All I know about his team is that he has a very powerful Regigigas and an Azelf that he sends out first, which uses Taunt, then Stealth Rock, and then Explosion. I have been advised to use a Gengar. Should I? And anything else you think would be a good idea to do?

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You should go with Gengar. A strong Specs Shadow Ball might take it out, as well as blocking explosion. Focus Blast would cover Regigigas.

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There is still the problem of Azelf using Stealth Rock. Now then, since you are unsure of the exact speed of that Azelf, I wouldn't try using Aerodactyl unless your Aerodactyl has a Speed stat of at least 362. If so, you can Taunt his Azelf before it can Taunt you. If you don't have that fast of an Aerodactyl, start out with a Pokemon with the move Magic Coat. Use this, and his Taunt will be reflected right back at him. Also start out with a Pokemon with the Damp ability, and they can't use Explosion. You can use Poliwrath, who can easily take down Regigigas, although be careful of whatever the fourth move of Azelf is.

STAB psychic or another strong move for coverage probably.