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I plan to train a Meloetta in Sp. Attack and Speed. But when I want to use Relic Song, will it's Sp. Attack be switched with Attack when it changes forms? Because the base stats just switch around.

i suspect hacking, how did you get it?
i've never heard of an event where you can get it and you can not catch it in game
hex that isnt the subject. this a good question to me. +10 pts!

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Any EV's in SP atk won't be put into ATK.

So basically, He would still have boosted SP Atk, even though He was using Physical Moves.

As you stated, The only thing that Switches around are the base Stats, not any boosts or EV's.

  • It doesn't switch his Sp Atk and Atk, it Changes them
  • Ev Training it in Special Attack would do it no Good when its Stats change to being higher in attack, unless you just wanted to keep using Special Moves, even though your Attack was boosted