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Game freak uses the numbers 250 & 255 alot. In EVs & there where other things, but I forgot them(short term memory loss).

Egg Cycles as well, 255 steps is one cycle, then on the 256th the game sees if the egg is ready to hatch.
Yeah I read about that on serebii & i had it in mind when writing this. Thanks for reminding me!

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255 is a special number in some tasks having to do with computing. This is the maximum value representable by an eight-digit binary number, and therefore the maximum representable by an unsigned 8-bit byte (the most common size of byte, also called an octet), the smallest common variable size used in high level programming languages (bit being smaller, but rarely used for value storage). The range is 0 to 255, which is 256 total values.

Taken from Wikipedia.