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So far My Dewgong level 41's stats are : Base attack: 71: Base Defense 75: Sp. Atk 73 : Sp. Def 81: and speed 65. Are these good stats so far?

If it's nature is docile, serious, quirky, bashful, or hardy, than that's typical.
What do the natures have to do with it? Mine's nature is Rash.
the natures have to do with the pokemon's stats http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures
This is weird. The chart says Rash= Increases Sp. Atk and Decreases Sp. Def. when my Sp. Def has more power than my sp attack..?

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there are better pokemon like lapras, walrein, and froslass. Why those pokemon? There stat totals are higher. Lapras= 535 out of 600. Walrein= 530 out of 600. Last but not least, froslass= 480 out of 600. Dewgong is 470.

Power moves for Froslass= Thunder/ blizzard. PM's for lapras= Sheer cold, hydro pump, or thunder.
Power moves for walrein= Sheer cold, blizzard, or earthquake. Power move for dewgong= Sheer cold, that is it.

I have a Lapras. I will use that. Is Donpahn good?
yes, if you want hit points, attack, and defense. It is a good trick roomer.